Thursday, 3 May 2007

1000 visits to our myspace.....

To celebrate the occasion of the 1000th visit to our my space site, let us post this next installment (I hope I spelt that right Mrs Mark?) of our Adventures!

Frantic excitement in TDHB house, a gig, a gig, our kingdom for a gig!

We arrived at the gig, (the name and location of which will remain a secret, the reason for which will become obvious) and everything was sweet. The headlining band could not have been nicer, and if their sound check was anything to go by we would complement each other perfectly. Could it be that we would finally get to play our first gig!!!

We prepared for our sound check with nervous excitement!

But where was Bassman? We searched everywhere for him, and he was nowhere to be seen. Luckily, Frank the venue manager (a large man, ex forces, all tats and muscles) found him. Unfortunately, he found him wrapped around Frank’s young, beautiful and blonde wife Cindy in the flat upstairs.


While Frank went to get his shotgun, we made our apologies and left… quickly.


Istvanski said...

Is the bass player still with the band?

I heard he works as a minicab driver these days whilst moonlighting on the railway.

Howesy said...

He does a mean fry-up on a Sunday too!