Wednesday, 25 April 2007

You won't believe your ears...

Great excitement in TDHB house, another gig booked!

On arrival at the gig, we climbed out of the van, (filled with equipment, we learn fast!) and perused the poster for the gig. The headline act was listed as something called “Dylan For The Deaf”.

IF: “What the f##k is Dylan for the Deaf then?”

DH: “Dunno mate, I’ll go find out”

A little later, inside the venue:

DH: “Hello mate, are you with Dylan for the Deaf?”

DFTD: “Yes, Giles Strathmore, pleased to meet you boys.”

DH: “What’s your act all about then, it sounds interesting?”

DFTD: “Well, we aim to bring the works of Bob Dylan to a section of the populace who have, until now, been unable to appreciate a ‘live’ (index fingers again, Oh God) Dylan performance.”

DH: “How does that work then?”

DFTD: “Well, the lyrics are presented in the form of sign language, while the instrumental arrangements are interpreted through the mediums of dance and mime.”

DH: “Mmm. So who comes to the show?”

DFTD: “Well, we’re very popular among the deaf community.”

DH: “So let me get this straight. Most, if not all of your audience is, in point of fact, as it were, one could say, deaf?”

DFTD: “Well, you could say that, yes.”

DH: (Aside to TDHB members) “I think a band meeting is in order.”

After a brief band meeting, we made our apologies and left.


Istvanski said...

Speak up, your typing is too quiet.

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Stray Photon said...

an ideal Ariels audience! Let's ROCK!