Friday, 8 June 2007

The mother of all updates...

A potted version of events in The Dave Howes Band house.

No.1. We were so frigging excited here in TDHB house, ‘cos we had a gig to play!

We arrived at the gig, only for Fingers to inform us that somehow, Sticks Flashman (no relation) had been struck down with a case of temporary Tourette’s Syndrome. According to Fingers, when the pair of them had arrived earlier and the venue manager had greeted them warmly, Sticks had spewed forth a stream of appalling profanities and insults that would have shocked a docker. In spite of Finger’s reassurances that this was “well out of character,” and that “he didn’t mean to say that about his mother,” the venue manager was far from impressed. He did however allow them to wait until the rest of us arrived so we could make our apologies and leave.

In hindsight, it was perhaps a mistake to allow Sticks, in his current condition, to be the one to apologise as it turned out that his Tourette’s type apology was less than polite.

No.2. Fantastic excitement in TDHB house, we had another gig arranged!

We arrived at the gig, only to find that there was no sign of Sticks. We waited for a while…

…then made our apologies and left.

The next day, Sticks arrived at the gig only to discover that the rest of us had been there the day before...

...he made his apologies and left.

No.3. Great news and even greater excitement this last week. We had a new manager on board for a trial period and a gig booked!

Unfortunately we had to cancel the gig, as Fingers won a competition on a phone-in radio show. As a result of this he now has “a cruise to go on”. This was such a long trip, that we have had to cancel the next 4 shows as well.

Sad news.

Our newly appointed “on trial” manager was not impressed with Finger’s competition winning grasp of general knowledge. He was heard to say: “Well if he’s more interested in seeing the world than playing with the band, then I can’t be bothered”.

He made his apologies and left.

So there we have it folks, things keep rolling along same as ever, sometimes it's hard not to get downhearted, but what the hell eh? We're all still alive, and Fingers is having a lovely time.

Not so bad.

Love and hugs,



Istvanski said...

Oh well, you lose some and you lose some.
I'm begining to love the sheer determination of this band.
Perhaps Fingers might be able to blag you a residential gig on the QE2.

Howesy said...

Blimey! That's an idea! Cheers Ist, we'll get onto it.

savannah said...


Howesy said...

Welcome to the wonderful crazy world of the Dave Howes Band sugar!
Please take everything you read here with generous pinch of salt, and imagine on overlong tongue in cheek scenario going on, kinda thing.
Good grief, us Brits eh?!
What we won't do for the sake of comedy!
Don't forget to visit our myspace page to listen to the songs too!
Oh, and don't forget, anyone who visits us here is sure to get a mention in a future adventure, so stay tuned!